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Mission Authentication: Rogue Bots

Ethan  walk gait analysis biochronometrics

In the recent movie Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation, the team had to penetrate multiple layers of security to achieve their goal.   Some were recognizable and some were new.

Voice recognition, handwriting, secret phrases, and x-ray gait analysis are new layers emphasized that retina and fingerprint matching are no longer enough. This fact was reiterated in the real world at the Black Hat USA conference in Vegas.

At the Black Hat USA conference, the Apple Touch ID prints were stolen and couldn’t be changed once copied.  Easy to capture, steal, copy, and continue to use without the user having any control, fingerprint biometrics can now be added to the list of easy targets for hackers.

BioChronometrics on the other hand, cannot be hacked or spoofed in any way.  If you are in need of authentication, let me know.  A basic level is seen here on this site at the user login.

HRT OxfordBiochronometrics NoMoreCaptchasWeAreHuman



Will Ford Enter the Thumb Drive Business

car hacking device recognition biochronometrics

The past few days we’ve heard of Jeeps getting taken over by potential hackers.   Instead of recalling the 1.4M vehicles Ford is sending out a USB thumb drive to update the car brain.  If this happens again, Ford will be sending out thumb drives again!  But, is this really necessary in today’s techno environment?  Shouldn’t more precautions be used?

Device recognition is changing rapidly because of so many cyber breaches and hacks today.  Potential threats can be eliminated or minimized with device recognition of the vehicle, car key, iWatch or a users cell phone.  I’m not talking about wasting time with multi factor authentication (MFA) and text messaging letter/number inputs.  I’m talking BioChronometric device recognition which is passive device recognition to the user.  It is faster than opening your car door or car ignition.  Why hassle the user with text messages when you can authenticate the car and user passively?

Cars are getting so tech’ed out, they will need to be protected from remote access just like any other type of security access point.  We will soon see cars come out with device recognition.  Will it be Ford, Toyota, or Tesla???






Bots Gone Mobile

It seems like ad fraud has no boundaries.  Not only are bots penetrating PC web plugins, but mobile apps are now turning into bot nets.  Basically this is seen as mobile device hijacking.  A new study shows that ad fraud in the mobile market is hitting almost $1 Billion per year.

Mobile Ad Fruad Oxford BioChronometrics Secure Ad

Ways of eliminating this type of fraud is very difficult for most participants because the mobile users,  advertisers, and exchanges don’t’ even know this is going on with their publishers.

BioChronometrics helps eliminate the mobile ad fraud problem by authenticating the traffic with any of the participants with a simple JavaScript.  If you want to test drive our anti bot technology send me a message.



White Paper on Ad Fraud

Quantifying Online Advertising Fraud: Ad-Click Bots vs Humans

We present the results of research to determine the ratio of Ad-Clicks that are human initiated against those that are initiated by automated computer programmes, commonly known as ad-bots.

The results showed that between 88 and 98 percent of all ad-clicks were by a bot of some kind, with over 10 per cent of these bots being of a highly advanced type, able to mimic human behaviour to an advanced extent, thus requiring highly advanced behavioural modelling to detect them.


White Paper on Ad Fraud Here.

Top Dog CMS Has A Price #WP #Malware

Being a top dog has a price.  WordPress runs a lot of websites.  When I say a lot, I mean alot.  23% of all websites on the internet are on WordPress.  Keep in mind, the CMS is open source and this open source model has issues because these hackers figure out where the vulnerabilities are.

Recently 100,000 WordPress sites were infected with the #SOAKSOAK malware campaign.  Read more

Why This Cyber Monday is Different

cyber monday breach biochronometrics

This year is particularly different than all other Cyber Monday shopping days in history. Why is it different? The amount of cyber breaches is now out of control.

Most US retailers have been breached within the past year. Home Depot, Apple, E-Bay, Amazon, Target, K-Mart have all had cyber breaches in 2014. There are even more breaches that haven’t been publicly released. 2014 mark the rise of the “Internet of Things”. 2015 will mark the year of the “Internet of Breached Things”.

Following a few simple safe-shopping habits will ensure a great year ahead. When shopping online, always look for sites that offer multi-factor user authentication or biochronometrics. At the register, cash is king but not all of us are royalty! Always select the “credit” option even when using a debit card. The smartest shoppers will be using pre-paid credit cards. Not only will this protect you against identity theft and fraud, but this will help you stick to your shopping budget. Imagine greeting the new year with no spending regrets!

Happy Holidays!


Post Office Cyber Breach

The compromised data included names, dates of birth, Social Security numbers, addresses, dates of employment and other information, officials said. Every employee from the letter carrier to the postmaster general was exposed.

But no customer credit card information from post offices or online purchases at was breached, they said.

It looks like Chinese espionage on how our mail system works.

The Postal Service breach needs to be seen as part of a continuous series of efforts to target the government, experts say. “It shows the continuing proposition that no matter how many billions of dollars the federal government puts in place and no matter how many regulations U.S. agencies put in place, the federal government remains as vulnerable as the private sector,” Chabinsky said.


Who is the Weakest Link?

weak link cyber security breach drop box biochronometrics

Large banks have been taking the cyber breach lime light lately.  In the entire process of security vulnerability, who is the weakest link?  A new Wall Street Journal article says law firms win the cyber vulnerability award.  Law firms have very valuable data regarding, inside information of M & A deals, patents, pending news, and more.  Most law firms use virtual data rooms (VDR’s).   If you look closely, the award winner may not really be “law firms” but “virtual data rooms”.  This “weak link” hasn’t had much written about it lately.  The most recent VDR cyber breach came out from the Drop Box hack. These VDR’s will probably have an increased amount of security issues just because of the data that is stored in them.