Digital Advertising Candy

When going trick-or-treating on Halloween as a kid, everyone remembers the house that gave out the full-size candy bars! That was usually your favorite house in the neighborhood, you knew really nice people must live there. My Mother was a nurse, so the only candy we ate all year was whatever we could acquire on Halloween. I hid my stash in a special hiding place and would ration it out to myself all year! In the digital advertising market, how can you be that full-size candy bar?

Digital advertising fraud is a proliferating massive market of fraudulent activity within organized crime. By 2050 it can exceed $50B per year.   Keep in mind that is from current estimates that may be far under representing the fraud.

organized-crime-ad-fraudThe digital advertising market is like a pie.  The dollar amount of the pie is cut into various types of advertisers, exchanges, publishers, and Ad-tech.  The pie can be cut and shifted by dollar amount depending on who has the best edge.


Having an edge in the advertising market is very similar to Wall St., whoever has edge wins.  But how do you get edge?

The newest edge in the digital advertising market is seen by arbitraging your competitors.  Each participant in the digital advertising ecosystem has a competitor.

One simple method used is advertisers arbitraging their competitor by buying ads at a lower price than competitors or converting sales at a higher rate than competitors at the same dollar amount.  This can drive up the price of markets. In turn, your competitors will be at a disadvantage with them spending more or having lower sales conversions. This is all done at the expense of your competitors.  This will actually wipe out your competitor with long lasting stomach aches.

Because the entire digital advertising market has fraud propagating daily, you must have an edge against your competitors.  Learn how to get digital advertising market edge and get coveted full candy bars, setup an appointment HERE.  Have a safe & Happy Halloween 🙂

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