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Mission Authentication: Rogue Bots

Ethan  walk gait analysis biochronometrics

In the recent movie Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation, the team had to penetrate multiple layers of security to achieve their goal.   Some were recognizable and some were new.

Voice recognition, handwriting, secret phrases, and x-ray gait analysis are new layers emphasized that retina and fingerprint matching are no longer enough. This fact was reiterated in the real world at the Black Hat USA conference in Vegas.

At the Black Hat USA conference, the Apple Touch ID prints were stolen and couldn’t be changed once copied.  Easy to capture, steal, copy, and continue to use without the user having any control, fingerprint biometrics can now be added to the list of easy targets for hackers.

BioChronometrics on the other hand, cannot be hacked or spoofed in any way.  If you are in need of authentication, let me know.  A basic level is seen here on this site at the user login.

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