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Another Day of Darkness Ends

Another day, another glitch at Facebook.  As most have heard, the FTC is investigating Facebook for privacy law violations.  Is this another glitch as I wrote about here and here? Take their word and trust them again? With the continuous lack of transparency this freeloaders days are numbered.

The consumers, advertisers, publishers, and exchanges have a new advocate fighting for complete transparency in the massive market of digital fraud.

Why should a consumer indirectly pay for Facebook’s lack of transparency?

Why should an advertiser waste billions on fake human traffic that will never convert to a sale?

Why should legitimate publishers get penalized with lower prices because of the ever increasing supply of fake traffic?

The Dark Ages are now gone!

Check out the new SecureAd dashboard bringing light into Facebooks darkness. Or for that matter, bringing light into all networks.  Oxford BioChronometrics is your advocate of transparency with all digital networks.