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Craigslist and Concert Ticket Fraud

Craigslist scams biochronometrics

Ticket scams.  We’ve all been to concert’s and had to buy tickets from scalpers because robots keep buying tickets on Ticker Master the day they are released.  Usually I buy tickets at the event minutes before the event.  But, sometimes I get a ticket by checking on Craigslist a few days or weeks before.   Although most tickets on Craigslist are legit, there are some bad apples.

If you do a basic Google search you will get all kinds of results for “Craigslist Fraud” which show 19,700 news search results.


Most recently a fellow by the name of Mark Tracy was charged by the Chandler PD for ticket fraud nationwide.  Whatever tickets were hot, such as the Taylor Swift concert, there he was swindling away.  Police have now charged him with fraud.  But what are some things these social sites like Craigslist can do to eliminate or minimize the current fraud situation for concert tickets?

Most people take the usual precautions and are aware of “cash only” scams.  Some scammers will even ask you to wire money or bank account details.  These are tall tale signs to look elsewhere.  Common sense should always be used buying tickets on the secondary market of Craigslist.

Beyond the typical precautions, the perpetrator could be blocked from Craigslist via BioChronometric eDNA.   Once the scammers eDNA is stored, the site becomes impenetrable, discouraging the fraudsters from using it.  Craigslist would then be a safer place for artists, customers, and ticket sales.