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Will Ford Enter the Thumb Drive Business

car hacking device recognition biochronometrics

The past few days we’ve heard of Jeeps getting taken over by potential hackers.   Instead of recalling the 1.4M vehicles Ford is sending out a USB thumb drive to update the car brain.  If this happens again, Ford will be sending out thumb drives again!  But, is this really necessary in today’s techno environment?  Shouldn’t more precautions be used?

Device recognition is changing rapidly because of so many cyber breaches and hacks today.  Potential threats can be eliminated or minimized with device recognition of the vehicle, car key, iWatch or a users cell phone.  I’m not talking about wasting time with multi factor authentication (MFA) and text messaging letter/number inputs.  I’m talking BioChronometric device recognition which is passive device recognition to the user.  It is faster than opening your car door or car ignition.  Why hassle the user with text messages when you can authenticate the car and user passively?

Cars are getting so tech’ed out, they will need to be protected from remote access just like any other type of security access point.  We will soon see cars come out with device recognition.  Will it be Ford, Toyota, or Tesla???