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Cyber Security Predictions for 2016

Yoda Predictions 2016 Cyber Security

Beware, spoilers for 2016.

  1. Anonymous Twitter account will get hacked and goes underground.
  2. Digital ad market will finally eliminate ad fraud saving advertisers $200 billion per year in fraud.  This saved money will be given back to consumers with issued checks, coupons,  and less ads.
  3. The “Ultimate Password” will go mainstream with the start of the “Ultimate Email”.
  4. CAPTCHA’s and reCAPTCHA’s will become  extinct.  Passive authentication NoMoreCaptchas will replace it.
  5. NoMoreCaptchas will break the world record for the Turing Test a second time.
  6. Homeland security ads (literally) LinkedIn, Instagram, SnapChat, Tinder, and Grindr for background checks and digital advertising.
  7. Another Bitcoin exchange goes poof.  Bitcoin goes to $10,000 again.
  8. Pirate Bay floats away into the sunset never to be seen.
  9. Man in middle gets caught in the middle via eDNA.
  10. The IRS gets hacked by AnonyTax.  They will permanently reduce taxes for all Americans.

Have a good New Years everyone!!!

WordPress Bot Prevention

sxx_aksimet_nomorecaptchas LNKD

Recently a WordPress exploit was discovered for the very popular Akismet spam comment blocking plugin.  Akismet uses a white/black list type of technology to determine bad comments.  The cross site script (XSS) vulnerability was used in the comment section of a WP site by using a malicious script designed for converting emoticons to graphical icons.  Is there a way to prevent this?

WordPress sites are very common and most are used by small bloggers and businesses to have a very professional looking presence on the web.  This site uses WordPress.   A thing most people forget is that WordPress is open source and one of the most widely used content management system (CMS) on the internet.  The internet is HUGE.  What this means is WordPress is highly targeted by various types of hacker exploits.

These exploits are usually conducted by automated bots that go to WordPress sites.  Because of the bots, it’s very important to have anti bot technology on your site.  If you want to test out some anti bot technology check out NoMoreCaptchas with a FREE 6 month commercial trial.  Code NOBOTS15

Thank You Very Much!!