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WordPress Bot Prevention

sxx_aksimet_nomorecaptchas LNKD

Recently a WordPress exploit was discovered for the very popular Akismet spam comment blocking plugin.  Akismet uses a white/black list type of technology to determine bad comments.  The cross site script (XSS) vulnerability was used in the comment section of a WP site by using a malicious script designed for converting emoticons to graphical icons.  Is there a way to prevent this?

WordPress sites are very common and most are used by small bloggers and businesses to have a very professional looking presence on the web.  This site uses WordPress.   A thing most people forget is that WordPress is open source and one of the most widely used content management system (CMS) on the internet.  The internet is HUGE.  What this means is WordPress is highly targeted by various types of hacker exploits.

These exploits are usually conducted by automated bots that go to WordPress sites.  Because of the bots, it’s very important to have anti bot technology on your site.  If you want to test out some anti bot technology check out NoMoreCaptchas with a FREE 6 month commercial trial.  Code NOBOTS15

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Top Dog CMS Has A Price #WP #Malware

Being a top dog has a price.  WordPress runs a lot of websites.  When I say a lot, I mean alot.  23% of all websites on the internet are on WordPress.  Keep in mind, the CMS is open source and this open source model has issues because these hackers figure out where the vulnerabilities are.

Recently 100,000 WordPress sites were infected with the #SOAKSOAK malware campaign.  Read more