The Bot that Stole Christmas

Dr Evil Dont be evil evil Bots Gone Wile

So far, this winter has been a wonderland of bot scams! Bot elves are mining at warp speed to steal your holiday cookies. Don’t let these sneaky thieves steal your Christmas cheers or profits!

These latest holiday hijinks are spoofing everyone from Wall Street to Main Street. The Xindi botnet will generate $3 billion from advertisers by the end of December.  Xindi’s pockets will be jingling with all those impression pennies. There are roughly 6-8 million corporate computers infected with this Grinch. The fix? A list of IP addresses to not advertise on.  That is not a solution.

If CAPTCHA was a headache, iCAPTCHA is a migrane. Instead of the world typing 200M CAPTCHA’s a day, iCAPTCHA requires the user to authenticate twice, using an illegible word and choosing 1 of 2 “language learning” answers. Avoid the headache altogether with NoMoreCaptchas.

If Chipotle didn’t have enough issues with e-coli, check out the Chipotle human resources in-denial of security article.  HR at Chipotle was using an email domain as a response called a domain owned by IT guy Michael Kohlman. Realizing what a threat this was, Kohlman offered to donate the domain to Chipotle. Sadly they were as interested in protecting sensitive personal data as they are the quality of their food. They rejected his offer stating they didn’t see it as a threat.

A round of holiday cheers to Rohit Dua from LinkedIn India for fixing a cross site script (XSS) vulnerability within the LinkedIn help forums!

Beware if you are looking to make merry with a Tinderoni, the Tinder of China called TanTan recently reported a “man in the middle” gathering private user information such as password, location, preferences, and personal data.

If you don’t want to be loaded down with coal in your holiday stocking, or find out a bot Grinch has stolen your Christmas cookies, protect yourself with NoMoreCaptchas or Secure Ad using BioChronometrics.

Wishing you all a safe and bot-free holiday season 🙂


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