The Turning Point in Advertising

The Rubicon will be crossed in the advertising market with television and digital sometime in 2017.  The special thing about this crossing is the advent of ad blockers and ad fraud as noted in the Economist titled Invisible Ads, Phantom Reader.

There are four parties involved here which are infected:

  • Consumers which are overwhelmed with ads so they put ad blockers on.
  • Advertisers trying to sell their products.
  • Publishers that make money from ads for their free content.
  • Exchanges that turn their shoulders on ad fraud.

The ecosystem is so polluted with ad fraud that the 4 parties are striving to create a balance of what works best for each party except all strategies have failed.  One thing is clear, ad fraud needs to be eliminated.  Contact me today if you have bots attacking your ads.  We can fix those bots with Secure Ad.

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