Why This Cyber Monday is Different

cyber monday breach biochronometrics

This year is particularly different than all other Cyber Monday shopping days in history. Why is it different? The amount of cyber breaches is now out of control.

Most US retailers have been breached within the past year. Home Depot, Apple, E-Bay, Amazon, Target, K-Mart have all had cyber breaches in 2014. There are even more breaches that haven’t been publicly released. 2014 mark the rise of the “Internet of Things”. 2015 will mark the year of the “Internet of Breached Things”.

Following a few simple safe-shopping habits will ensure a great year ahead. When shopping online, always look for sites that offer multi-factor user authentication or biochronometrics. At the register, cash is king but not all of us are royalty! Always select the “credit” option even when using a debit card. The smartest shoppers will be using pre-paid credit cards. Not only will this protect you against identity theft and fraud, but this will help you stick to your shopping budget. Imagine greeting the new year with no spending regrets!

Happy Holidays!


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